Congratulations on a great sale!

November 8, 2013 | posted in Uncategorized


 Commissioner Cindy Hyde-Smith


Cindy Hyde-Smith, Mississippi’s Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce, and her husband, Michael Smith were present to bring greetings to the crowd at the fall bull sale at Tanner Farms.  We’re very fortunate to have such a staunch advocate promoting and protecting our state’s farmers and ranchers!  Thank you, Commissioner!
Tanner Farms Honors Jacob Megehee
Mr. Jacob Megehee of Macon, Mississippi, has long been an ambassador for all cattlemen in Mississippi.  He’s been a great friend to all of us; always encouraging, always positive, always helpful, sharing ideas, and willing to “work with his own hands” to make it happen. Thank you, Mr. Jacob, for caring so much and giving so much of yourself to all of us!  Mrs. Martha, thanks for being his willing and able helper as you both spent countless hours and numberless miles on behalf of the farmers and ranchers of our state. Mr. Jacob is presently serving as the President of the Mississippi Cattlemen’s Association.