Crunchy Brown Stubble turns lush in a week!

July 25, 2016 | posted in Uncategorized

This post is an update to the previous post about our Alfalfa farming.

We cut our alfalfa on the Thursday after 4th of July. As you can see in the photo, it was crunchy brown stubble. When we were walking in this field, you could feel it crunch beneath your feet. Dust was coming up in little clouds behind us. There was no life visible and I wondered if anything would ever possibly grow here again.


But, Dad was able to get an old sprayer that hadn’t been used in over six years, going again just to see how much adequate water would help. It also rained a good bit during the week which made for helpful growing conditions. He checked it the next weekend and it had literally grown about 12 inches in a week! ¬†Today, Tim was able to take a picture for us and as you can see it is 20 ¬†inches tall and we are 18 days out from the last cut day.


I am pretty amazed at what this little plant can do and it has been really fun to watch this crop grow. It’s almost like magic! When we cut this field again, it will be our fourth cutting this year.