Schaff Angus Valley & Cow Chips Heat Watch

February 16, 2011 | posted in Uncategorized

Things have been busy around the farm since the beginning of the new year; flushing donors, transferring eggs, and calving!  We have gotten off to a great start with our breeding season and are looking forward to some promising pregnancies! Gary, Tim, and Drew have just returned from a trip to Schaff Angus Valley and they really enjoyed their time at the Schaff farm.  It is really amazing to see how people farm in different areas of the country especially in such wintry conditions and have such a successful operation.  Farming is like other lines of work in that it is always helpful to see how other producers are meeting challenges and solving problems to make their operation more successful and efficient. Speaking of efficiency, our new Cow Chips Heat Watch system is on its way! We are looking forward to working with this new technology and hope to enjoy the success of this investment. We are also looking to shoot new video of our bulls  at the end of February and it should be live by mid-March. Keep checking!